Four New Beauty Favorites

Four New Beauty Favorites

beauty favorites

Happy Wednesday! Today I thought I would share with you four things I am absolutely loving right now in my beauty routine. 


First up is this awesome mascara. I am not one to spend a bunch of money on high end mascara because you can always find a good drugstore mascara. However, I almost caved and bought a pricier mascara because every single drugstore brand I have tried recently has burned my eyes when they water or I cry. It was awful! My sister recently picked this one up and when we were at Ulta together she told me I had to get it because it doesn't budge. She is right! This stuff stays put and does not burn my eyes! Score! It also makes your lashes look fabulous, of course! The only con is that it is a pain to get off, so you will want a good eye makeup remover. 

shape tape

This is another one I picked up on my sisters recommendation. I have been desperate to find a concealer that matches my skin tone and doesn't look dry and cakey. This is it! Shape Tape comes in a wide range of colors so you have a better chance at finding a match. They have shades in  neutral undertones, which is a rare thing to find. My shade is Fair Neutral.

Essie gel

My next favorite is Essie Gel Couture polish. I have recently been using Gelmoment Gel polish, which I absolutely love, but is a bit pricey at $25 a bottle. I decided to try a few other at home gel options that were a little more affordable. This one is a two step system with color and top coat. Each shade is $11.50, but you can get a starter bundle with one color and topcoat at a discount. This does not need any UV or LED curing, which can be a good thing, but it also means it takes about the same time as a normal polish to dry. It is a lot tougher than a normal polish though! Normal polish typically gives me about an hour of wear (okay, okay, slight exaggeration, but not by much!) and I can typically get a week out of this stuff! That may not be a lot to some, but that is really good for me! I only have this one color for now, but I love it so much I have used it for three weeks in a row!

My last favorite isn't pictured because even though I wash it every single time I use it, its totally stained and gross looking. BUT, you guys. It is amazing. I have used quite a few knock-off Beauty Blenders because I thought there couldn't be that much of a difference. I was SO wrong. I don't know what it is about this magic little sponge that makes it different from all the cheap knock-off versions, but I have never had such a flawless makeup application. Spring for the real deal! 

I hope you enjoyed hearing about a few of my current beauty favorites! Have you added anything new to your beauty routine lately that you are absolutely loving? Comment below! 



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